Principal Investigator



Natalie Holt PhD

Education: BS,  2005 University of Bristol

                  PhD, 2010 University of Leeds


Graduate Student


Graduate Student


Jordan Balaban

Education: BS, 2006 Univ. of Rhode Island

                  MS, 2013 Univ. of Rhode Island  

Research interests: Mechanics, physiology and ecology of muscle atrophy in ectotherms

Graduate Student

Emily Abbott

Education: BS, 2008 Providence College

Research interests: Motor control strategies and series elastic function

Crystal Reynaga

Education: BS, 2012 UC Santa Cruz

Research interests: Mechanics and physiology of the axial muscles of fishes

Manny Azizi PhD

Assistant Professor

Education: BA,  1998 UC Berkeley

                  PhD, 2005 UMass, Amherst

                  Post-doc, Brown University       

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Lab Alumni

Nicole Danos (PD)-  Assistant Professor University of Sand Diego

Amber Deslauriers (MS)- Samuel Merritt University,  Doc. Physical Therapy

Neil Larson (U)- University of Miami Medical School

Pooja Rana (U)- University of Missouri Medical School

Marla Goodfellow (U)- Western University,  Doc. Physical Therapy  



Caitrin Eaton PhD

Education: BS,  2009 Tufts University

                  PhD, 2015 University of South Florida


Undergraduate Students

Gilbert Hernandez

Liz Santos

Gala Strong

Elizabeth Mendoza

SURF Fellow

Nuria Varela SURF Fellow



Ben Perlman PhD

Education: BS,  2003 UC Santa Cruz

                  MS,  2010 Moss Landing

                  PhD, 2016 Wake Forest University