Muscle Physiology & Biomechanics

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Research in our lab is focused broadly on the physiology and mechanics of movement. Our work strives to understand how the basic properties of muscle have been shaped by evolution and how shifts in these properties affect neuromuscular health and performance. We also aim to reveal how organisms use mechanical and structural mechanisms to overcome the limits of muscle. See more

Lab News

8/5/15 New paper published in JEB looking at the mechanics and control of muscle-tendon units


7/15/15 New paper by N. Danos published in Zoology looking at the relationship between muscle stiffness and locomotor speciailization.


3/20/15 Undergrad Itos Aikhionbare named UCI scholar athelete of the year


1/3/15 Holt, Abbott, Danos, Balaban and Reynaga present their research at the annual SICB meeting in W. Palm Beach, FL


10/16/14 New paper published in JEB looking at mechanical stability during landing in toads



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